Food Pantry Apostolate



St Frances Cabrini

St. Frances Cabrini

Food Pantry

Serving the poor by serving the Church

Established Sept 2011


“The Secular Franciscan should fulfill with dedication the duties with which they are occupied in their relations to the local Church.   They should lend their help to activities of the apostolate as well as to the social activities existing in the diocese.   In the spirit of service, they should make themselves present, as the fraternity of the OFS, within the life of the diocese.”   OFS General Constitutions Art. 100.2


All across our diocese, many of our local parishes have food pantries that provide food for the poor and needy.   As our country continues to be challenged by high rate of unemployment and poverty, we are seeing more families having difficulty bringing food to the table.  Families experiencing a tight budget are now unable to donate to food pantries.   At the same time, there has been an increase in demand for donations.   This has caused food shortage at many of our local parishes food pantries which is only expected to grow.


In this Apostolate our Franciscan fraternity responds to the need of food pantries at our local parishes.   Each month we select a local parish to donate food items, dry goods and personal hygiene products.  Donations are collected at our monthly gathering and are delivered to the selected food pantry.   Through this ministry our Franciscan community shares our many blessings with others less fortunate and serves the Church in two dioceses.