Evangelical Life


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As Secular Franciscans, we are called to proclaim Christ by our life and words (see Art 17 of the General Constitution).   Our preferred apostolate is personal witness in the environment in which we live and serve for building up the Kingdom of God within the situations of this world.   Participation in the service of sanctification is put into practice by the brothers and sisters above all in their own family, then in the fraternity and finally through their active presence in the local Church and society.


Our family is the first place in which we live our Christian commitment and Franciscan vocation.   We are called to make space within it for prayer, for the Word of God, and for Christian catechesis.   Married couples find in the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order an effective aid in their journey of Christian life toward perfection.


You may find members of our Fraternity living their Franciscan vocation at home with their children or caring for sick loved ones.   In their communities working at soup kitchens, serving their parish, helping the homeless or praying at abortion clinics.   In their work environments as custodians, healthcare workers, business world, engineers, retired, teachers and serving the incarcerated,  just to name a few.


We are called to collaborate with the efforts undertaken in the Church and in society to affirm both the value of fidelity and respect for life.   Called to be in the forefront in promoting justice…especially in the field of public life and to take clear positions whenever human dignity is attacked.



Fortnight for Freedom- Youngstown Diocese


Fortnight for Freedom- Youngstown Diocese