Ongoing Formation

Francis with Bible and cross crop


Article 44 of the General Constitution of the OFS states that the formation of the brothers and sisters takes place in a permanent and continuous way.  It is an aid in the conversion of each and everyone and in the fulfillment of their proper mission in the Church and in society.

Ongoing formation, which refers to the formation of the brothers and sisters after their permanent Profession, is accomplished by means of courses, gatherings, and the sharing of experience.   It aims to assist the brothers and sisters:

  • Rule 4 in listening to and meditating on the Word of God, “going from Gospel to life and from life to Gospel”
  • — in reflecting on events in the Church and in society in the light of faith and with the help of the documents of the teaching Church, consequently taking consistent positions
  • — in discerning and deepening the Franciscan vocation by studying the writings of Saint Francis, Saint Clare and Franciscan authors.

Ongoing formation is the responsibility of all professed members.   Our Spiritual Assistant, Fr Vit Fiala, OMF, has an active and special role in the ongoing formation of the brothers and sisters in our Fraternity.   Currently we are studying the General Constitution of the Secular Franciscan Order.   The purpose of the General Constitution is to assist us in living The Rule.  It also explains the conditions for belonging to the OFS, its government, the organization of life in fraternity, and its seat.

The Presidency of the OFS International Council provides a monthly Dossier for Ongoing Formation.   To read the Dossiers please click here